Nowadays it’s becoming more and more common for road accidents to take up the headline space in a daily newspaper. Many people lose their relatives or dear ones in car accidents. One should take some admonitory measures while driving the car on the roads to prevent major accidents. Some of the safety tips for safe driving are as follows:-

Car Condition: - The most important factor for safe car driving is the condition of the car. You must ensure that the condition of the car is good. For every car, there a servicing program is provided by the manufacturer. If you are not able to follow that program then get a checkup of your car from the nearest servicing center at a regular interval. It is unnecessary to drive and take life risk if your car is not in a fine condition, even if you are going for a short drive or scheduling a long journey.

A wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor is known as an automobile. Automobiles are designed to carry peoples on roads, fields, deserts etc. An armoured military vehicle and armed with weapons are Military Armoured Cars. They are mainly designed to drive in uneven or rocky surfaces. Military Armoured Cars are differentiated by the work they need to perform in the war fields. This differentiation may not be unique as different countries may classify them for different purposes.