It is important for people to save money, be it in a daily or monthly manner, so that sufficient amounts of money will be available and can be used during rainy days or during financial difficulties. It should be integrated in everyone’s habit to save money, as this is a beneficial thing to do. This article shows the methods that one can use and follow in order to manage one's finance in a smart and wise way.

The first method to manage one's finance is to cut down one's spending on electronic products, as the value of these products start to depreciate the moment one buys them.

Money Matters

28 Aug 2012

People tend to be extremely voyeuristic about a couple of things and those two things are their neighbors and peers. High on the list is the money they make. This is the reason the annual Highest Paid Executives issue has always been a great success.  

The other discovery, which should not be a surprise, is that the world is divided in two – those who like talking about money every now and then and those who don’t. In a social setting, it’s very simple. Those who always talk about money don’t make enough of it (even if they do, at least,

The home market in India is really an aggregate of multiple micro-markets, sometimes within the same city. Most builders are in financial straits, and there have been desperate sales by some of the smaller ones without much capital cushion. Prospective buyers have tended to stay away, hoping for even steeper price declines.