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India is the second leading manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world. The growth of two-wheelers in India is tremendous in the recent few years. The two-wheeler industry has grown from 3 million in 1998 to 8 million in 2008. Mahindra is one of India’s leading automotive companies. Mahindra two-wheelers are an added sensitive point for customers to interrelate with various Mahindra products and services. After the success in the tractor-selling sector, Mahindra entered to concrete their position in the two-wheeler market. Mahindra 2 Wheelers manufactures and sells a complete range of two-wheelers from scooters to motorcycles.

Mahindra 2 wheelers: Motorcycle:

Comet: Comet 250 can be considered one of the real sports bikes in India at an affordable price of Rs. 1.67 lacs. The features of this bike are as follows:

  1. Stylish, dazzling bike having a gigantic petrol tank.
  2. Presented in three outstanding colors – red, black, and yellow.
  3. High-tech capacity with 250cc, v-twin, liquid-cooled, and 8-valve engines.
  4. Monoshock rear suspension
  5. Power brakes – 300mm front disc and 230 mm rear disc
  6. Huge tubeless tire
  7. Normal electric start.

Stryker: In comparison to other bikes, the presence of an oil filter in Stryker increases the life of its engine and the gas-filled rear shock absorbers provide a downy ride on patchy roads. Stryker is specially made for Indian roads at a standard price of Rs. 34,999. Stryker offers a host of features:

  1. 97.2cc four-stroke engine
  2. 7 bhp of power
  3. 12 ½ liter petrol tank
  4. Heat shield on the silencer.

Mahindra 2 wheelers: Scooters:

Kinetic Blaze: Blaze is made of sensational Italian design. The features of Blaze are:

  1. Powerful 165cc
  2. 4 valve engine
  3. 6 liters fuel capacity
  4. 2 stroke with auto-gear and electric start.

Kinetic SYM Flyte: It consists of an air-cooled engine. The features of Flyte are:

  1. 4 stroke
  2. 5 liters fuel tank capacity
  3. Automatic CVT with Torque Sensor
  4. Presence of both kick and electric start

Kinetic Nova 135: Nova 135 can easily switch turns and spiky curves. The features of Nova 135 are:

  1. Forced Air cooled engine
  2. 4 stroke
  3. 6 liters fuel capacity

Kinetic 4s: The features of 4s are:

  1. Air-cooled engine
  2. 7 liters fuel tank capacity
  3. 4 stroke with auto-gear and electric start

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