Have You Taken the Jab? Get Your Vaccination Certificate in 5 mins

Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate

India has been hosting its mass vaccination program at very progressive rates. The program may have started a bit late, yet it has managed to cover a considerable amount of people, which is almost 88 million, in this short period.

Currently, 11 million people have had full vaccinations and the remaining are up for the second dosage. Therefore, those who have been vaccinated are eager to pocket their vaccine certificates. So, here is some information on this much-awaited certificate.

About COVID Vaccination Certificate

These certificates are issued to the people who have been administered the dose of the vaccine that is approved by the government. It is a mark of their successful vaccination. 

The certificate contains the important details of the beneficiary like name, age, gender, Verified identification (Aadhar / PAN), Beneficiary Reference ID, and address. The part on the right of the certificate shows the details of the vaccination like the vaccine name, date of dose, Next Due Date, Vaccinated By, and Vaccination Centre.

How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate?

One can have a provisional level certificate after receiving the first dose, but the details contained in them will only be of the first dose.

After receiving the second dose only, one will receive a message about the completion of the schedule. This message will contain the link for downloading the digital copy of the vaccine certificate.

One can also download the certificate of the vaccine through the DigiLocker App, using the Arogya Setu app, and from the Cowin website. The procedure is as follows:

Note: Hope one has already registered and taken the code before following the below steps:

Cowin website (Option 1)

CoWIN website (Option 2)

  • Open CoWIN online portal (
  • Click on the Vaccinator link on the top right
  • Login with your mobile and password. if you don’t have a password or forgot your password. LOGIN USING OTP
  • Enter your registered mobile no
  • Enter OTP
  • Click the certificate button below personal details and then click certificate for downloading

Arogya Setu App

  • Download the app and click on the CoWIN tab that is present on the top.
  • Proceed for ‘Vaccination Certificate’.
  • Use the 13/14-digit Beneficiary Reference ID and download the certificate.

Digilocker app

  • Download the app and register yourself if using it for the first time with general details as well as the Aadhaar number.
  • Set a user name and log in.
  • Scroll down to the health section and click on the “Ministry of Health and Family Welfare” button, this will show the vaccine certificate option.
  • Enter the 13/14-digit Beneficiary Reference ID number and download the certificate.

Beneficiary Reference ID

Beneficiary Reference ID is provided at the time of vaccination registration. Check your SMS on registered mobile no. Above is the example SMS:

Beneficiary Reference ID

Beneficiary Reference ID is provided at the time of vaccination registration. Check your SMS on registered mobile no. Above is the example SMS:

If you have taken first or both the vaccination, it is time to get your Vaccination certificate now! People who have completed their vaccinations face fewer restrictions when traveling abroad or within India. Public places may likely be open only to those vaccinated in the days to come. So, go ahead, get vaccinated and make sure you get your vaccination certificate.

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