Tips to Fight Obesity

Ways for overweight teens to lose weight

Living in a time when junk food and cholesterol-rich beverages are the order of the day, obesity is a problem that most Indian adolescents and grownups are facing. The problem of obesity leads to a number of social and medical problems for the affected person. Here is good news for you in case you are an obese person, there are a few simple tips that you can follow in order to keep your obesity in check.

Switch to Natural Food

One of the main reasons why obesity is rampant in India is the fact that most people in their quest to save time end up eating cholesterol-rich foods like burgers, sandwiches, etc. with ample helpings of cheese, mayonnaise, and other dairy products. What we fail to realize is that these food habits add tremendous amounts of calories to the body. This calorie is rarely burnt out. Switching to natural foods will ensure you get a lot of the required nutrients in the form of proteins, vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates, et al. The next time you are hungry and want a quick snack, just choose a salad instead of your favorite burger.


The word ‘exercise’ pops into our head an image of long hours in the gym with the latest machinery. This is a wrong idea. Exercise can be as simple as a morning and evening walk, jogging, and simple free-hand exercises that can be done at home. Start practicing these exercises and you will see a dramatic improvement in your situation with diabetes.

Avoid Liquors and Soft Drinks

Consumption of various alcoholic beverages and soft drinks is one of the most harmful reasons behind obesity. These beverages are aerated drinks with lots of cholesterol in them. Avoid these drinks as much as possible. In case you want to have a beverage drink, try choosing something like fruit beer (non-alcoholic) and other health drinks and juices.

Get Good Amounts of Sleep

Good sleep is a solution to most of the health problems out there and obesity is no different. Good sleep enables your body to recapitulate the lost energy and thus function better. It will leave you refreshed for more physical activity, and improve your digestive system’s performance, et al. Sleeping leads to people growing fat is a myth. It is harmful only if taken to the extent of zero physical activity.

Change Regular Habits

There are a number of small things that you can change in your day-to-day lifestyle in order to help your situation with obesity. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator and avoid taking transport for distances that can be easily walked down, etc. These habits will ensure that you are burning a little portion of your stored calories and fats every day and that too without much extra effort on your part.

The thing that you need to remember when fighting obesity is that reducing the amount of food is not a solution. It will render you sick. It is better to follow a proper diet and avoid junk food in order to manage the problem. Consult a specialist dietician for preparing a tailored diet chart for you.

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