How Can Going Green save You Money?


Have you always thought that environmentalism is a costly affair that can be afforded by the rich and affluent? Well, clearly you were wrong. This piece aims to bring to you 4 simple and cost-effective ways to go green this year. What makes this better is you will be saving a serious amount of money. So not only are you saving the world, but you are also saving some money in the process!

Green House Cleaning Solutions

A huge array of harmful chemicals is contained in commercially available house cleansers and pest disinfectants. These chemicals are not only harmful and toxic to the environment but also are proven to be extremely unhealthy (to the extent of being carcinogenic) for children, adults, and other living organisms in the house.

You can always look for organic house cleaners which are cheaper, healthier, and usually more effective. They can be easily obtained from local drugstores or supermarkets. In case you want to go another step ahead, you can make your own cleaner at home from regularly used ingredients like baking soda and borax, et al.

Green Lighting

Most people commit the mistake of using incandescent lights for the purpose of home lighting. It is suggested that you switch to fluorescent compact lighting solutions. These are not only cheaper than their incandescent counterparts but also are energy efficient. This way you are saving money and the environment at the same time.

Green Grocery Shopping

This is one of the simplest yet most effective tips of this lot. Try to buy your groceries from the local farmer’s market instead of large departmental stores. This way not only are you supporting the local farmers but also ensuring that the demand for the shipped groceries is low. This will in turn reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for the transportation of these groceries. Also, local small-scale farmers have a higher probability of using chemical-free pesticides and natural variants of seeds. That way you are ensuring your family’s health along with saving the environment.

Curb Consumerism

Most people shop on impulse. The next time you have the urge to shop, take a moment and think whether you really need that latest gizmo or the new dress. More than often people buy things that they don’t use later and these things when rejected contribute to landfills or non-environment-friendly disposal. By avoiding buying commodities that you won’t use, you can contribute to saving the environment as well as saving some serious amount of money.

Buying goods also includes the usage of plastic carry bags which are very harmful to the environment. Try carrying your own bags from home when you are going to shop or use bags made from disposable materials like paper.

These are troubled times when the earth is threatened with over-exploitation of resources and personal finances are threatened with over usage of credit. Following these simple day-to-day tips will make a huge difference to the environment and your bank account!

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