Capricorn 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign


CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20)

2009 will indeed be fortunate for the Capricorns and you will meet all your endeavors with success and face difficulties with great strength. Your enemies may play some tricks on you but will not be successful in it. At work there are chances of promotion and your status, as well as responsibility, will increase. The business will have some fluctuations but on average it will be a good financial year. There will be wonderful financial opportunities coming your way.

For students, it will be beneficial and you will have the zeal for hard work and success will be yours. Your imagination will be wild this year.

Your love life will bloom after October ad if you are single there is a chance of building a potential relationship that will be lasting. There can be some misunderstandings with your sweetheart before June so don’t take any major decisions in this time period. Let the clouds of uncertainty vanish and then you can proceed with new zeal

Your health will remain good but you should not strain yourself or over-exert. You will be generous to your fellow men and fulfill your responsibilities as a human.

In love, you would be too demanding and your expectations from your partner will increase. Your desire for freedom will be enhanced and you will be romantically excited.

Your social status is also important to you and will love to partner with someone who increases your status. You will be lucky to get a partner who will be devoted to you and will satisfy your social needs.

You will be very choosy in love and once you fix your eyes on someone you will work hard to obtain it. You will love to have a mate who has money, capacity, and qualities of success. You will give your best to protect your lover. Capricorns are sincere and faithful in love but their mistrust at times reaches its height.

Lucky Day: Tuesday.
Lucky Number: 1, 4, 5, 6, 9. Avoid 2, 7 & 8.
Lucky Stone: Ruby, Emerald.
Lucky Color: Orange, Red, Green. Avoid Blue and White.

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