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My First Post, My FIRST BLOG… there is a first moment for every thing. That moment becomes a moment that the person will always cherish. Everyone experiences this in some point of their life.
My first blog may be a moment like that.

OK on a serious note, actually FRIDAY 08/08/08 was THE DAY for me.
Exactly at 11:27 I heard a child squealing and announcing her arrival at the Primary Medicare Centre in Rajjajinagar, Bangalore. And in a few minutes the Nurse emerged from the operation theatre with a small, fragile, beautiful, fair, angelic baby…. MY PRINCESS. I became a father.

I know, that, the emotions that rushed through me at that moment is not an uncommon thing, everyone goes through it at some time in their life, but that moment was mine, to cherish.

The nurse took the baby to the labour room to clean and wrap her up. I was waiting in our room, which was next to the labour room, listening to my baby crying, and I was going through mixed emotions of happiness and also wanting to reach out to my baby and be with her.

My brother and his family were with me during that time. His daughter was so excited to see the baby and we were waiting outside the labor room, waiting for the nurse to open the door. When the nurse opened the door, there she was, my princess all wrapped up and looking like an angel. All of us were smiling and so happy to see her. And the then the phone calls started. Calling the rest of the family and my in-laws and telling them about the baby. Making some of them hear her voice over the phone. Everyone so excited about the news and so happy.

Since it was late in the night, the hospital was practically empty, and I got a chance to be with my baby all the time. Watching her and admiring her. Praying and thanking God for giving, Aarti and me, an opportunity to be with and serve HIM in form of our daughter. And I touched her feet and touched my eyes and I knew, my personal GOD had arrived.

It was only after an hour that Aarti was brought down, from the operation theatre (Caesarean section). She was sedated and was very drowsy. She could hardly talk. Her voice was so soft. She asked if it was a boy or a girl and we told her it was a girl. Then she thanked the Doctor. Then she asked me if the baby was fine, and I told her she is beautiful and she asked me if I was happy and I told I was very happy and we hugged and kissed, and that moment, again was so amazing. We were PARENTS now, responsible for another life… a life created from our life, PARENTS! Pa and Ma,

Yeah! Thats what we would like our PRINCESS to call us.

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