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Made to be ‘Remade…Adidas To Make FUTURECRAFT.LOOP 100% Recyclable Shoes

Adidas Futurecraft.loop

As a responsible company, Adidas has always strived to reduce its carbon footprint and plastic waste. Now, Adidas has come up with FUTURECRAFT.LOOP sneakers. The specialty of these sneakers is that these shoes are 100% recyclable.


FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is an attempt by Adidas to put an end to waste. This is made possible by creating shoes that can be totally recycled and remade. 

Adidas had partnered with Parley for the Oceans back in 2015, where the footwear upper was created using filaments and yarns that were manufactured from marine plastic waste and illegal gillnets found in the deep sea. Using plastic waste found in coastal communities, remote islands, and beaches, Adidas aimed to manufacture 11 million shoe pairs in 2019.

Taking a step forward, Adidas is trying to save the environment by making use of the same material over and over again in manufacturing shoes, so that there is zero waste.

FUTURECRAFT.LOOP- Made to be Remade

FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is a unique running shoe made with the intent to be remade. The users do not have to throw away the running shoes after they wear out. Instead, send them to the company, where they will be further recycled and remade into brand-new shoes. Thus, it creates a closed loop or a circle where the raw material used can be repurposed into high-performing shoes again and again.

How is FUTURECRAFT? LOOP Sneakers Made?

FUTURECRAFT.LOOP uses a revolutionary design approach in making performance shoes that uses just a single material instead of the complex materials that sports shoes are typically made of. Also, no glue is used in making FUTURECRAFT.LOOP. Rather, every single component of these shoes makes use of TPU that is 100% reusable. 

Adidas has used its state-of-the-art SPEEDFACTORY technology to create BOOST midsole, where the TPU undergoes spinning to make yarn, which is then knitted. 

How FUTURECRAFT.LOOP Shoes are Made?

In April 2019, 200 beta testers were given FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoes. The beta testers were asked to return the shoes after using them for a few months. These shoes were then cleaned and cut into pellets. The material was then melted to make components for making new shoes without throwing away any part or anything at all. The remade shoes meet the exceptional quality standards set up by Adidas. 

When will FUTURECRAFT? LOOP be Available in the Market?

FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoes are slated for release for the wider market by the Spring-Summer of 2021.

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