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How to choose the right fragrance

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So, What matters in choosing the right fragrance?

When it comes to choosing the right fragrance, only one sense can come to your rescue – your nose. The fragrance that you use and like depends on your personality and gender. Branded fragrances that go with your skin chemistry and gender generally prove to be good choices.

Classification of fragrances

Fragrances can be broadly classified into three types based on their smell. They are:

  1. Floral fragrance: – they have a flowery smell, like that of rose, jasmine, lily or a mixture of them. Generally combined with scents like vanilla, these leave a mild smell in your body. The markets generally stock such type of fragrances.
  2. Citrus fragrance: – they have a fruity smell like that of lime, mandarin or lemon. They leave a fresh odour when applied.
  3. Oriental fragrance: – the essence of resins, spices, amber etc. makes it up. These are used frequently when creating exotic perfumes.

Choosing the best one

With the wide range of perfumes in offer on shelves, choosing the one that is made for you may prove to be an onerous and tough task. The tips below may prove to be of some help:

  1. The perfume that you use must largely depend on the occasion. While on a visit to the hospital, or such critical or crowded places, it is advisable not to use any perfume at all. On the other hand, mild scents, like colognes are extremely suitable for regular office or work use. What you use when you want to attend a party is your personal taste. However, strong perfumes are best avoided, as they might give you a headache. One a date you may use something that attracts your partner.
  2. On deciding if you need a light or strong fragrance, smell various perfumes at the scent counter. Select the one you like the most and try.
  3. Make sure you are not allergic to any perfume you buy and also see that the scent is not too intense. This should be taken care the most when you are attending a wedding ceremony.
  4. You can keep trying latest perfumes until you find the one you like the most. Never spent too much on new perfumes at once. Use samples for few days. It may be also possible that your skin chemistry do not go with the perfume you have chosen.
  5. Better quality perfumes generally keep the fragrance for longer period of time. They are always expensive than mostly available in the market. Also they are generally pure. At last, you should make sure that you are comfortable and feeling good with your perfume you have chosen.

A good perfume always draws the attention of others. If you want to attract the attention of someone you need to us perfumes with pheromones. They are the best in it. This gives you a power to mesmerise your partner. Lastly, the most significant fact is you should feel good and know your reason of wearing it.

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