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Precautions During Mumbai Monsoon Season


As the monsoon season approaches, Mumbai is pulled into its drift. Every time monsoon hits the city, it brings along numerous problems. Every individual is happy to witness the shower that ensures relief from the heat wave. At the same time, the monsoon spells increase in number of road accidents, water logging leading to more and more vehicles breaking down on the watery roads. These events have become a regular feature with the Mumbai rains. People can practice precautions to avoid any problems caused due to the heavy rains of the monsoon.

As most of the population in Mumbai is working and needs to commute every day to the workplace, first and foremost precaution is inevitably the service of the car or the bike or any other vehicle that they people are using.

A full servicing of the vehicle involves oil checking and changing, if required, vacuuming, and washing and greasing. The vehicle tyres must be checked for the pressure and if they are punctured, whether there are cuts or cracks in the tyres, and baldness. People must make it a habit to carry an extra tyre, as a precaution for any problem that may arise. Along with these, people must get the brakes, horns, lights, and electrical lubricants checked in the vehicle. If the vehicle is battery-driven, the battery should also be checked for its corrosion-free terminals and electrolyte and voltage level.
Extreme precaution must be taken while driving on the roads of the city. Most of the accidents take place during the rains. Even a well serviced is prone to accidents in the rains. Practice of alertness while driving cannot be replaced by any servicing or any other alternative. Therefore, before you start, check that the brakes and clutch are working properly and the oil is sufficient. If the vehicle you are driving is a car, check that the accelerator and the steering are also working properly.
The shoes that you wear during the rains must not be wet or slippery. The slipping of your shoes from the pedals or the brakes may cause severe accidents. Every individual should regularly check that the headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals are working properly. A person must always carry emergency equipments while driving in the rains. Common use items, be it torchlight or a rope may not be useful always but are handy in many cases. In case of any problem, first and foremost thing to be done is slow down the speed. The wet weather may cause a delay. You should never exceed the safe speed limits of 20-25 km per hour during the monsoons of Mumbai, if you want to avoid an accident.
While driving on the expressway, one should leave lots of space between himself or herself and the other vehicle in front because it takes longer to stop. Common safety precautions state that you should leave a few meters between every vehicle but the monsoon predicts something else. Keep your vehicle a few minutes away.

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