How to speed up your Wi-Fi Network Connection

hi-speed internet network

Most users of notebooks and laptops prefer hooking up to the internet using a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is way easier if one uses wireless networks as it avoids the mess of using a cable to connect the computer to the router.

As with any technology, there is a flip side. The flip side is the signal strength with which the transmission occurs, as a result reducing the reliability and performance of the online connection. This is amplified by an increasing distance between the computer and the router. Given here are a few techniques that will help you avoid this problem:

  1. Avoid Metallic Objects: Any metallic object or electric wires will gravely interfere with the signal strength of the transmission between your laptop and the router. The quality of the signal is inversely related to the size of the metal object. This will result in the deterioration of the signal power which will subsequently affect the speed with which you access the Internet. Moving to different positions in the room will change the signal reception for the better or worse. Mirrors perform as if a large metal object has been placed because they have silver backings. Thus you should avoid placing the router near a mirror.
  2. Configure the Router Uniquely: Avoid placing the router near microwave ovens or cordless phones. To be precise near any other transmitting device, more so if their operating frequency is 2.4 GHz because almost all Wi-Fi networks transmit using this frequency. When you are configuring the wireless setting of your router, remember to avoid choosing the default channel and opt for a different one. This will ensure that your router is not transmitting on the exact same channel as other neighboring routers. When you are checking for the configuration of the router, always make sure that the transmitting power is the highest possible by the device and that you have set the signal to wireless. 802-11 A/ B/ G/ N are the most widely used variants offering the highest distance of transmission.
  3. Further Measures: Consider buying a Wi-Fi booster to enhance the transmission strength of your router if you find that the performance of your wireless signal is still very low. Alternatively, you can position an aluminum foil near the back of the router’s antenna. The idea is that it will mirror the signal toward the laptop. This will without any doubt greatly improve the quality of the transmission. You will have to be patient with this method as it will involve testing the alignment and curve of the foil in order to identify the best position.

It is nearly impossible that your wireless network will ever give an as fast and reliable connection when compared to a cable LAN network. Almost all users of notebooks, netbooks, and laptops prefer this convenience offered by the Wi-Fi connection in spite of being heavily disappointed with its speed and performance.

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