Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video MarketingDefinition:

The promotional strategy put in place by companies to endorse their products and services using short, educational, and attractive video clips are termed “Video Marketing”. The primary purpose of making such videos is to induce awareness among prospective customers about a company and its products.

An industrialist can attract prospective clients for buying their product by spreading its awareness. The presentation of the message in the visual format makes the promotional video or advertisement appear simple and visually pleasing.


In any advertisement that uses text, a probable customer has to go through each text to find out the exact message conveyed.

This eats up time and effort on the part of a target client. However, if the same message is conveyed through the visual form it consumes lesser time and a customer understands the message with ease. A visual demonstration has the potential to create an impact on the minds of a viewer. These capabilities in a video clip help a viewer to preserve the message in his mind for a longer period of time. It may entice him to buy the product or service indicated in the video. Online video helps you to reach potential customers across boundaries and aid in getting a maximum number of clients.

Promotional videos online are catchier in comparison to other forms of advertisement. It catches a viewer’s attention quickly and impacts the intended message much faster than the simple text form.


  • Introductory Video: As extensive use of online video is rather new, a video introducing anybody’s business can act as a differentiator that will create a strong brand impression as well as build trust which would be the basis for future business. The video should be short and to the point.
  • Sales Presentations: Sales presentations are most helpful in cases where words and still images are not adequate. New types of products that aren’t well understood are good examples of video expression. Another type can be new product launches
  • Testimonials: Testimonials from satisfied customers can be recorded at trade shows or during occasions where you assemble your clients face-to-face, then edit the same and put them on your website
  • Viral Branding: Many organizations are utilizing short videos as an element of their viral marketing campaigns. Funny, bizarre clips are sent to close friends who see them and then pass them on
  • Video Content Sites: These are websites that basically consist of video content — user-generated stuff such as YouTube and also streaming motion-picture sites such as NetFlix

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