Dubai Shopping Festival – 2009

Dubai Shopping Festival 2009
Dubai Shopping Festival 2009
Dubai Shopping Festival 2009

Dubai Shopping Fiesta 2009 welcomes you with open arms to spend a comfortable and memorable vacation at Dubai. 3.2 million people visited the place last year and there is higher expectation for the visits this year too. The festival as ever, will commence on 15th of January and last till the lovely valentine February 14th.

DSF was first started in 1996 by the government of Dubai, which agreed to invest considerably for the arrangement of the festival and permit the celebrations of the festive occasion all over Dubai.

The retail Dubai shopping festival aims at promotion of the international trade for the local Dubai goods and also encourage the tourism industry to attract people from all across the globe.

The mega event is a wonderful junction for shopping and enjoying a lovely vacation in the beautiful, clean and organized place like Dubai. This concept is new and always has some new events for the festival which always keep the spirit of the festival live in the people and the charm rejuvenated.

The festival has shown a brilliant success over the past few years and people from all across the globe have always appreciated their stay in Dubai.

The festival show cases wonderful goodies of Dubai like gold jewelry, perfumes, cars, handicrafts, textiles and electronics. The shopping malls in Dubai are wonderful but the charm and glamor of these malls is highly enchanting the festive days. Dubai is known as the Gold City and wonderful jewelry is what people love to carry along home as a memoranda. The designs in jewelry are too wonderful and innovative designs are always used to keep the name and fame in the trade live and attractive.

Arabic pottery is also known internationally for its miniature designs and precise handwork. Wafi mall and Dubai Mall at Burj Dubai are known for the gold jewelry as well as wonderful handicrafts.

If you are amongst lively people who enjoy a bit of extravagance for pleasure and adorance, Dubai is a place for you. The array of shopping junctions and malls which showcase wonderful carpets, gold jewelry and at the same time organize various games, light shows, fashion shows to keep the spirit of the festival live and attractive. Lucky draws and assured prices bestow blessings upon people and encourage their participation.

Dubai promises wonderful exciting events and this year too it is working to its fullest to make the festival as wonderful and attractive as ever. The festival pays tribute to the nation and encourages One world – One family attitude. It encourages universal brotherhood and keeps the world united by providing the best services. The festival is a symbol of pride for the United Arab Emirates.

Several internationally renowned companies love to partner for the Shopping festival and lay a helping hand in the growth of Dubai shopping festival. Various hotels and lodging houses provide special attractive prices to the people for their stay in Dubai. The discounts are all across Dubai where ever you wade. The prices are attractive which encourage the sales. The rates for the airlines also reduce considerably as the airlines too partner for the Dubai Shopping Festival.

If you want to have a trip somewhere or are planning to go to Dubai, then Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to make your trip and travel to the wonderful destination a worthy experience. If you visited Dubai Shopping Festival last year then word of mouth will be enough for the recommendation and you would love to have the awesome experience of life to be repeated.

The children’s events and film festivals are also liked and appreciated by kids, teenagers and elders alike. The festive mood is encouraged with night fire crackers and it seems as if Dubai is wearing the beauty crown with all the malls highly lit and crackers aiding in its beauty from behind. The wonderful events bring out the beauty of Dubai and reveal the cosmopolitan character of the place.

Dubai world cup is another parallel event which catches the eyes of the people to the wonderful festival in Dubai. These festivals in unison stagger the attraction of people towards the wonderful place of Dubai.

Creative inputs of the people and innovative ideas help to make the Dubai shopping festival a wonderful event for the world.

Shopping in Dubai is always on its boom and it adds feathers to the spirit of Dubai in these festive days. The festival is always great. Enjoy Dubai Shopping Festival this year and render a helping hand in its success. You are welcome as organizers and you are welcome as visitors anytime in Dubai.

Let’s join the opening of Dubai shopping festival in January with a combination of light, enhanced spirit, high hopes and sparkling fireworks. There is something in store for everyone, the kids, the elders and all the respected grand parents too. Food festival works to lay table for the best cuisines from all across the globe and you can taste wonderful flavors to the international cuisine festival. Evenings are wonderful place for the deliciously laid tables.

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