In health & fitness, Diet and exercise are very important. Even though you can lose weight by diet or exercise,

Health benefits of tea

02 Dec 2011

For a long time now, scientists have been trying to work out the health benefits of tea. Research in going on and while some studies have shown that

consumption of tea is beneficial, many others have not really been impressive. Most studies have been conducted on green tea, though other types of Cammellia Sinensis derived tea like black, white and oolong tea have also been researched.

Health is Wealth. This famous proverb justifies that every human being should look after their health. Today’s generation is known to be the busiest generation. These days people especially teenagers engage themselves in sports and number of athletic activities. Occurrence of minor injury is a common thing in everyone’s life. But is it necessary to visit a doctor every time for minor injuries? Certainly not! Instead, minor injuries can be easily handled at your doorstep. But people tend to get confused and look for the ways to heal their minor injuries.