How to Deal With Anorexia in Your Teenage Daughter?

Anorexia problem in female

The advent of media, fashion, and television have made your teenage daughter more fashion-conscious and aware of the styling industry. But have you ever considered the negative effects it might be having on her?

Most teenage women suffer from anorexia in their quest to look slim and fitting in trendy clothes. Anorexia is a state where an individual literally starves in order to get instant results for slimming down. So how can you identify and battle anorexia in your teenage daughter? Here are 3 tips for you.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Do you find your daughter complaining about her becoming ‘fat’ though she seems perfectly slim to you and others? Is she living in the constant fear of putting on weight? These are early signs that your teenage daughter might resort to bunking food consumption completely in order to battle her fears. This will lead to long-term starvation to the extent that it might prove fatal for her. If you spot these trends in her, it is still in the early stages. Act soon in order to save her from anorexia.

Other symptoms are excessive exercising, denying being hungry, and obsession with diet plans, et al.

Look Out For Physical Deforming

In case of the unfortunate event where your daughter has fallen prey to anorexia, try to identify the various physical deformities that she will be going through. To start with she will feel weak and nauseous at the slightest amount of physical exercise. This is due to the fact that her body lacks basic nutrients to provide her energy for her regular activities. Also, she will be displaying symptoms like weak bones. When your daughter has been a victim of anorexia for an elongated time period she will be displaying other symptoms like problems with her period cycle, low blood pressure, frequent fainting, dry skin, hair fall out et al.

Take Care Of The Emotions

Research over the year with anorexic patients has shown that people with low self-esteem and confidence are the ones who fall prey to anorexia in the first place. To begin with, in case you notice that your daughter is not slim and putting on weight try to make her understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of it. Don’t ridicule her for her overweight problems. On the other hand, try to build up her confidence (which in all probability is already shattered owing to ridiculing by peers). Try to make her understand the benefits of a healthy diet coupled with moderate working out and a healthy lifestyle. Point out the negatives associated with starving in the first place. This will ensure that she is aware of the consequences.

Anorexia is a fatal disease in most teenage women around the world. It is your duty as a parent to keep a lookout so that it doesn’t occur with your daughter. Resort to professional medical experts and dieticians in case you find out that she is suffering from anorexia.

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