4 Essential Tips to reduce Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Some great thinker once told: ‘We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from your children.’ So what are you doing to protect the earth’s environment?

Are you of the opinion that air pollution is the government’s headache and you can go about being irresponsible and careless about it? It’s time you stop and think about how a few small changes in your lifestyle can reduce air pollution significantly.

Here are 4 tips for reducing air pollution in your day-to-day life:

Alternative Transportation Methods

Fumes from the combustion of fossil fuels (coal, petrol, diesel, etc.) are the most common reason behind you contributing to air pollution.

Reducing the usage of your personal modes of transportation must be your first step towards reducing the air pollution that causes. Consider walking down to the local market for groceries instead of driving to it. Use public transport to go to and fro from your office.

The rush hour traffic congestion and signals anyway disrupt your ‘smooth’ ride through the city. Use tubes, trains, public buses, shuttle taxis, pool cars, and other available modes of transport for the purpose.

Drive Smart

The market is introducing a number of eco-friendly automobile models which run on electricity or use lower amounts of fossil fuels. These automobiles are expensive but if you are able to afford them, please choose these models over regular models of automobiles.

Also, drive carefully in order to reduce over usage of petrol. For example: accelerate your car gradually, this reduces your car’s fuel consumption. Check that the tiers are properly inflated and ensure that you turn off your engine when you are stuck in traffic for long hours.

Consider replacing your car’s air filter regularly and get your engine serviced to ensure it is consuming lower levels of petrol.

Control The CFC Emission

Using products that emit Chloro Fluro Carbon (CFC) gas increases the harmful effects on the air pollution level and damages the protective ozone layer around the earth.

Depleting the ozone layer will lead to UV rays of the sun affecting us more severely and can cause fatal diseases like skin cancer. Devices that usually emit CFC are air conditioners and refrigerators. Try to keep your air conditioner turned off when you will not be in the room for long hours.

Also, use it at the recommended optimum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. Keep your refrigerator usage at the minimum and use models which are certified to be eco-friendly.

Don’t Burn Plastic

Do you choose to dispose of your waste and then burn it for complete disposal? Remember that this practice can be very harmful to the environment.

Regular home waste includes many plastic products that are burned along with other wastes. When you burn plastic it produces harmful Sulphuric gases which have a very pungent smell.

Remember that ‘charity begins at home’. Ensuring that you are doing your own bit for reducing air pollution is the first step towards sustainable development.

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