Tips for Using Renewable Energy at Home

renewable energy sources

The world today stares down at its own demise due to the over-exploitation of natural resources and increasing levels of pollution. Renewable sources of energy have emerged as a savior during this doomed hour and are fast catching up.

The reasons behind renewable sources of energy’s advent are many. Starting from being free of any polluting by-products to the fact that they are infinitely available (because they are renewable, as the name suggests) the pros of renewable energy far outweigh its cons. Critiques point out that these sources of renewable energy require huge infrastructural and technological investments which is expensive. What should be kept in mind is that this cost is not more than the cost of the threat of extinction that the earth faces today. Charity begins at home, and here are a few ways you can play your own role in contributing to the cause of renewable sources of energy:

Designing Your House

In case you are building a new house, or rebuilding your old one, you might want to incorporate design factors in your house so that installation of renewable energy sources is possible. You can strategically design your house to let more sunlight in during winter reducing the consumption of energy on heaters. In the highly unlikely case that you can afford a complete remodeling of your house because you want to incorporate the usage of renewable energy sources, go ahead and get it done.

Use the Sun and the Wind

Many of our daily chores can be done by using the energy from the sun and the wind. During the winter season, you can try heating your water by putting buckets in the sun, thus avoiding the usage of geysers and electronic immersion heaters. Try to dry your clothes by putting them on a line on your roof. This will avoid energy consumption otherwise used for fans and irons for drying clothes.

Green Power

While choosing the power suppliers for your residence try and find out the source of power generation the company uses. Try to opt for companies that use renewable energy sources for power generation. This way you will be reducing the demand for power generated from coal or burning of other fuels. In turn, this will reduce pollution and popularize the usage of renewable energy sources.

Be Energy Efficient

One of the most important aims of using renewable sources of energy is reducing the usage of fuels for energy generation. You can achieve this by ensuring that any electronic good that you are not utilizing is switched off and unplugged. This will save energy and also reduce the monthly electric bill.

One of the most common misconceptions associated with renewable energy sources is that they are costly. What needs to be realized is that the cost of installation of the devices is a one-time cost and after that, there will be no more electric bills or other charges for using the source.

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