Medical Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yoga

Yoga has evolved from being an act of the spirit and enlightenment to being one of the most medically relevant activities of the modern times.

Doctors and health experts around the world have started to recommend yoga as a solution (or prevention) to some of the most commonly occurring diseases. A proper yoga routine will help you have a healthier body, clearer mind and ailment free life. Yoga is fast becoming the medication of choice for most people. Here are the 4 most important medical benefits that yoga will have on you:

Heart Diseases

Stress is the reason behind majority of the heart related ailments all around the world. Stress results in straining of the arteries leading to constricted blood flow through them resulting in heart attack or other cardio vascular problems. Yoga helps you to relieve this stress through various nasal and cardio vascular asanas. A proper yoga routine including ample respiratory postures will ensure that there is proper and adequate flow of oxygen to the heart. The meditational benefits of yoga also help the mind in stress relieving and decrease the chances of a cardiac arrest.

Weight loss Regime

Yoga helps in burning a lot of calories in our body thus helping us to avoid weight gain or accelerate the process of your weight loss. The postures of yoga are complex and ensure the working of almost every muscle in your body, along with the internal muscles. This routine will allow you to lose weight more easily. The gains of weight loss from yoga are prominently seen in men and women beyond 40 years of age.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are considered by health experts as medical situations as these prevent the brain and other glands from secreting the right hormones leading to other problems with your body. Yoga will help you avoid these situations of anxiety and depression as it includes various motivational routines. The asanas of yoga also help a person enrich his body cells and tissues with lots of oxygen, light and other exogenous requirements. These factors help fight the problems of anxiety and depression.

Back Pain

Yoga involves exercise of the muscle and the bones, especially the spinal cord. Exercising of these body parts imply that the stiffness of other damages to these portions of the body are taken care of. Stiffness of muscles and the spinal cord is the most prevalent reason for back pains and yoga will help you cure it. Yoga has been proved to be more effective than other exercises like aerobics and free hand when it comes to dealing with back pains.

It should be kept in mind that you have your techniques of the various asanas right while you are formulating a yoga routine. The wrong postures can induce injury and be ineffective to the body. Try to get yourself enrolled at a local yoga training centre for the purpose.

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