What can you do for Saving the Environment?


Environmental concerns are the biggest concerns of the twenty-first century and also the one that needs immediate addressing.

Environmentalists all around the world have been rallying for saving the environment from the grasp of evil industrialists and nature poachers and almost every country has bills and laws vehemently protecting their flora and fauna. This is aimed at achieving the goal of sustainable development and protecting mankind from various natural hazards and climatic changes resulting from these environmental damages. Apart from the big organizations and the government, you as an individual can make a lot of difference in this goal of a greener planet. Given here are a few practices that can help you do so:

Recycle Your Waste

Always ensure that whenever you are disposing of garbage or other forms of domestic waste you find a suitable place and a recycler to do these. When you are buying any product find out whether they are recyclable or not. Buying recyclable products will ensure that the waste generated from the commodity when you decide to throw it away is minimal and most of it will be used to create another product. Also, ensure that you are not throwing plastic waste away as they don’t decompose and create toxic chemicals thus harming the environment. While disposing of hazardous waste one should ensure that it is disposed in assigned hazardous waste disposal sites only.

Switch off any Electronic Device you are not using

You should always ensure that any electronic device is not left turned on and operating when you are not using it. This also holds for lights, fans and air conditioners. In case your electronic good is in an idle state and you think leaving it turned on will not consume electricity, you are heavily mistaken. The most common example of this is mobile phone chargers which are left plugged even when not being use. The truth is it is actually consuming electricity in an idle state also. This practice not only ensures lower electricity bills for you, but also ensures that the usage of electricity is lower thus saving the environment from huge negative impacts like using of coal and thermal plants.

Usage of Public Transport Systems

The comfort of owning and driving around in one’s own car is surely a very enticing idea. And at the same time one with huge environmental footprints. Your vehicle uses petrol or diesel for running and emits carbon monoxide and other very harmful gases to the atmosphere causing huge environmental damages. By using the public transports for small and petty purposes (say, when you are going grocery shopping) instead of your personal vehicle will ensure lower emissions and result in a healthier planet.

Saving the environment is a burden that we have on us not only for the safety and affluence of our own generation, but we also have the responsibility of keeping it in an excellent condition for the future generation. Remember that we don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our heirs.

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