Ways You Can Go Green While Gardening


Have you ever wondered how will it help you and the environment at large if you choose to go the green way for maintaining your garden? You are aiming to promote greenery by maintaining a carefully trimmed garden, but what about the environmentally degenerating effects that your means are causing? It’s time to rectify these mistakes and choose the green way of gardening.

These methods are easy, affordable and have better effects than the harmful means you usually use. Here are 5 ways you can go around with this:

Use Kitchen Scrap As Manure

What do you do with all the vegetable peels and tea leaves and other biological waste from the kitchen? Throw it in the dustbin and then wait for the garbage truck to take it away? The next time you have accumulated a considerable amount of kitchen scrap, instead of dumping it at the nearest vat consider spreading it out in the garden. It might be an eyesore for a couple of days but the vital compost and minerals that your plants will be very helpful. Also these biological wastes are bio degradable and as a result you will not have the eyesore beyond a couple of days. This way you can save on some money while ensuring the best natural compost for your plants.

Buy Recycled Products

Are you aesthetically too conscious to use the take away food containers and yogurt cups for planting your bonsai tree collection? Think twice before rejecting them. Recycling these products is very helpful to the nature and also helpful for your pocket. You will be saving on a lot of money this way by avoiding buying of expensive pots and containers for your plants. Recycling is always less energy consuming than mining virgin minerals. Use small household rejects for supporting your nursery saplings. You can use recycled rubber and copper materials for this purpose also.

Harvest Rainwater

Are you spending a fortune on installing a system to water your lawn? Consider placing a simple rain water collection barrel in your lawn for avoiding these costs. Also when you practice rainwater harvesting, the environmental positive impacts are twofold. You will prevent storm water draining which is one of the main reasons behind soil erosion. Also using rain water will ensure that your plants get mineral and chlorine free water which is very important. Consider installing a perforated screen atop the barrel in order to prevent insects and dust and other impurities to get mixed with the water.

Avoid Chemical Fertilizers

Remember that using chemical pesticides are not only harmful for the soil but are also expensive. Consider using natural pesticides and insecticides in order to avoid the harmful effects of chemical pesticides. If you can afford it consider introducing various bees and butterflies in your lawn for natural insect killing procedures. You can also plant a number of flowers and plants that are known to attract butterflies and bees in order to achieve this.

Green gardening is not only more expenditure friendly, but is also known for delivering better results than other means of gardening.

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