Some Dangerous Side Effects of Hand Sanitizers

Side Effects of Hand Sanitizers

After the outbreak of Coronavirus, the use of hand sanitizers and masks has increased dramatically. Both these have become an important part of our normal lives. Doctors have always encouraged washing hands regularly with soap and water. But sometimes, you are not left with a choice. We use sanitizers while we are out or traveling. This has increased the use of sanitizers in our routine lives. However, we need to exercise caution when using hand sanitizer.

Triclosan Used in Place of Alcohol

Whenever you buy a hand sanitizer, make sure it contains more than 60% alcohol. But some sanitizers use triclosan instead of alcohol. It is a powerful antibacterial agent used in pesticides. Triclosan gets absorbed in the skin and can adversely impact the liver, muscles, and thyroid function.


Mistakes to Avoid While Using Sanitizer

Do Not Use Before Eating 

Hand sanitizers have a lot of chemicals that can cause indigestion if we use them before eating. Especially, kids should avoid using hand sanitizers before eating as it can lower their immunity. Chemicals in hand sanitizers can weaken your immunity making you vulnerable to diseases.

Don't use sanitizer before eating

It Can Cause Burns

As hand sanitizers contain a high amount of alcohol, it is highly inflammable. If you are applying hand sanitizer near the fire, it can cause severe burns. Several incidents have been reported about fire being caused by hand sanitizers. It can happen when the bottle of sanitizer is not tightly closed and is kept in a car. Vapors keep accumulating in the car making it a gas chamber.

car sanitization

 Never Clean Masks with Hand Sanitizers 

Many people have committed the mistake of cleaning their mask with sanitizer. Mask must be cleaned by dipping into soap water. If you clean a mask with a sanitizer, it can trap chemical vapours in the mask. When you will wear it, you will inhale these vapours that can cause dizziness and vomiting.



Avoid using Hand Scented Sanitizers

Scented hand sanitizers are loaded with more toxins and chemicals. The dangerous ingredients are endocrine disruptors that can alter genetic development. Make sure you use FDA certified chemicals / food grades that are necessary to provide pleasant smell.


To Avoid the Side Effects of Hand Sanitizers, Follow the tips given below:

  • Keep hand sanitizers away from small children.
  • Keep sanitizers in an airtight bottle.
  • Keep sanitizers in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not keep hand sanitizer in a kitchen and do not use before cooking
  • Clean mask with normal soap and water.

It is suggested to use the hand sanitizers only when you do not have access to soap and water.

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