3 Easy Tips to Identify Fake and Real Sanitizer at Home

Hand Sanitizer Test at Home

Due to the rising issue of safety and hygiene because of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for sanitizers is at an all-time high. Across the world, people are hoarding up sanitizers as it can kill the virus with ease. Due to this, a lot of shops have been selling fake sanitizers to people. These sanitizers are not only ineffective but can lead to skin issues as well.  A good sanitizer contains 70% to 80% alcohol and is made using specific procedures.

However, fake sanitizers do not have adequate alcohol content, nor it is made following any specifications.  As a consumer, it is in your best interest to avoid buying fake sanitizers. To help their countrymen to avoid this, Dr. Saurabh Arora and Dr. Neha Arora have come up with a few easy tests. These tests will allow you to determine whether or not the sanitizer you are using is real by using simple things readily available at home.

Hairdryer Test


This is a simple way to test the quality of your hand sanitizer. To perform this test, you will need a small bowl and a hairdryer that you may have. Now, to test the sanitizer, pour some of it in the bowl and start blowing air over it with the hairdryer. If the sanitizer is evaporating quickly within 4-5 seconds, then it is genuine.

Toilet Paper Test


Take a small piece of tissue or toilet paper and draw a small circle in the center of the piece of paper. Now, take a few drops from your sanitizer and drop it over the area where you have drawn the circle. If your sanitizer is genuine, the ink won’t spread at all and the liquid will evaporate quickly.

Flour Test


This is the easiest way to test your sanitizer. Take a small amount of flour in a bowl and add a small amount of sanitizer in it. Now try to knead the flour. If lumps start forming up, the sanitizer is fake. This is because genuine sanitizer will stay scattered and will be evaporated before you can knead it.

Use these simple tips to stay away from ineffective, fake hand sanitizers.

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