Category: Indian Recipes

Dal Fry Recipe

Ajay Lulia
Dal Fry Recipe is a popular Indian lentil that is made using pigeon pea lentils, onions, tomatoes and indian spices. This recipe is usually prepared...

Dilpis – Sindhi Sweet

Meher Lulia
Dilpis - Sindhi Sweet is a very simple, easy and delicious Sindhi sweet dish- which melts in your mouth. It can be made in a...

Cucumber Raita Recipe

Meher Lulia
Cucumber Raita is a cooling raita made with chopped or grated cucumber with added spices for flavour. Most India eat raita as a cooling agent...

Mini Soya Chunks Pulao

Meher Lulia
This Mini Soya Chunks Pulao Recipe is easy to cook and has a great taste neutrality. Soya bean needs no introduction as it comes with...

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