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Tips for Handling a Chronically Disobedient Child

Tips for Handling a Chronically Disobedient Child

Are your children chronically disobedient and you are feeling helpless when it comes to handling him/her? Remember that most children are occasionally disobedient and defy the wishes of their parents and elder ones. There is nothing to worry about children who are portraying such behaviors.

The worrying begins when you start noticing that your child is disobedient when it comes to almost every possible scenario. In case this is the unfortunate case in your household, its time you consider the 4 following simple tips:

Respect Each Other

Children tend to pick up every minute thing that they experience and this will increase if they are observing certain practices in their parents. Do you and your spouse fight very often in front of your children? Are you bad-mouthing your relatives and other elderly household members in front of him/her? Start respecting each other and the other members of the family in front of your kid. This is particularly necessary as children tend to listen to individuals who earn their respect. The first step to earning your kid’s respect is to respect each other.

Avoid Habits You Want Your Kid To Shun

Are you keen on making your child well-mannered and soft-spoken? Practice it yourself first. Do you want your child to pick up a certain good habit? Practice it yourself first. Remember that your child looks up to you as his / her inspiration. In their early lives, most children revel in imitating what their mother and father do regularly. You need to set an example in front of your child and you can achieve it by practicing the habits you want him to learn. It has been seen that most teenagers who take up smoking have at least one parent who used to smoke when they were kids.

Never Resort To Abusing Him / Her

Abusing in any form should be avoided when you are dealing with your child. Avoid spanking him/her and yelling or hurling abuses at him /her when she disobeys. Instead, you should devise a non-abusive punishment method that will be a positive influence. For example, you can ask your kid to solve twenty mathematics problems if he /she misbehaves with a family member. When you resort to verbal and physical abuse of children they tend to become resentful and apprehensive of you. This will have a negative impact on your kid’s manners.

Compliment Him Adequately

It is important to encourage a kid for every small act of good manners that they put up. This encourages him/her to continue behaving in a well-mannered way. Parental approval is very important to a kid and seeing that their parents are openly praising and approving their behavior, will be a huge morale booster for them. Try rewarding him with small amounts of money or his favorite candy an addition to verbal praise.

Remember that you must seek professional help for handling a disobedient child in case you notice that your child’s temperament is showing no signs of improvement in spite of your best efforts.

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