Smart Crosswalks to Prevent Accidents on Crossings

Smart Crosswalks

Preventing road accidents may now be possible with these high tech sensors that can sense dangers on the crosswalks.

High Tech Crossing created in the UK

To reduce the growing number of accidents at the crossings on the busy urban roads, a team of technology experts in the UK has been employed by Saatchi & Saatchi, Direct Line along with Mischief PR. The team of tech experts has been assigned the task of developing a smart, interactive pedestrian crossing. The experts used software and LEDs to develop a smart crosswalk that tracks objects and movement of people on the road in real-time. The LED road surface will adapt to the movement, thus preventing accidents.

How Does Smart Cross Walk prevent accidents

Often people are distracted by phone when are not careful while walking, or suddenly a cyclist may appear on the road catching the driver unaware. The smart crosswalk senses movement of people and objects on the crossing. The LED lights on the road surface will illuminate in real time, warning pedestrians and drivers of the sudden movement or development on the road, thus preventing accidents.

Is the Smart Crosswalk in use?

The high-tech smart crossing is currently being tested in South London. It is presumed that the smart crosswalks can help prevent as many as 7000 road mishaps on the crossings in the UK annually.

Whether the smart crossing will truly be beneficial in the long run, is a matter of research.

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