Does VPN Affect on Website SEO Performance?

VPN Impact on SEO

Internet security problems are always debatable due to the high rise in hackers and underground servers. A virtual private network (VPN) is a secured connection that enables users to access private data with the use of public network. They have been used by large businesses, students, and employees who are working at foreign locations. It is also used by world travellers and digital enthusiasts for protecting sensitive data.

Amid the rising concerns about internet security, legislative changes have been made to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The rules to protect Broadband Consumer Privacy have increased the use of VPNs. The newest aspect is how VPNs affect SEO. There is not a huge impact of VPN on SEO. Some aspects may face issues due to private browsing. Some of the concerns are given below.

VPN and Google Analytics

Large numbers of users browse via VPN. The impact on them is not high. The data collection of Google Analytics is cookie-based. VPNs are not anonymous, hence are secured. In secured browsing, VPN stores data via cookies. Customers use standard cybersurfers similar to Chrome, MS Edge, Safari, etc. delivering an advantage of the encoded and secured path.

Google Analytics

VPNs can reroute the path of the data. If a user is being placed in a different country by VPN, the Geolocation would report the wrong data. It can create problems in IP filtering because it increases the number of IPs added to the filter.

VPN’s Impact on Local SEO  

Yes, VPN can impact local SEO. It depends upon how the IP is routed. In case, the user is located in Chicago, the VPN shows them in Phoenix, AZ, and the “near me” searches will show results according to the location.

Local SEO

Such a feature can be a concern for local businesses and local brick-and-mortar shops that are dependent upon local searches and SERPs.

VPN’s Impact on Site Speed

The use of a VPN can have an impact on site speed. Increased encryption and few direct routes for ease in data transfer can adversely impact the site speed. Even, Google has been vocal about the importance of site speed as a ranking factor. The kind of configuration of a VPN can affect the page load time. Further, it leads to advanced bounces and exit rates.

Website Speed

So, the above-given problems don’t impact considerably on SEO and analytics. It also has a little effect on site speed and location tracking. VPN is still considered as one of the most secure ways of web browsing.

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