Discover Amazing Award Winning Photos of iPhone Photography Awards 2020

iPhone Photography Awards 2020

iPhone Photography Awards 2020 Over thousands of photos captured by iPhone photographers from further than 140 countries were shared in the 13th Annual iPhone Photography Awards 2020( IPPAWARDS). Some of the top-winning photos are:

Flying Boys

Flying Boys by Dimpy Bhalotia
Image Credit: Dimpy Bhalotia/iPhone X

Flying Boys was an image captured by a road photographer from the United Kingdom, Dimple Bhalotia, an interior developer from London. She won the class of Grand Prize Winner and Photography of the year Award. The image was taken by iPhone X in Banaras. The three boys in the print are taking a flight from the wall into the stream of Ganges.

No Walls

No Walls by Artsiom Baryshau
Artsiom Baryshau/iPhone 6

The photograph was taken by Artsiom Baryshau, a professional shooter from Belarus who won the first place for shooter of the Year. The photograph was taken on iPhone 6 where a man is painting a white wall with blue stripes. The blue stripes are beautifully blending with the blue sky.

Sheets Blowing in the Wind

Sheets Blowing in the Wind by Geli Zhao
Geli Zhao/iPhone XS Max

The anonymous image was captured by Geli Zhao from China from iPhone XS Max. The snap was awarded 2nd place for the Photographer of the Time. In the print, the wastes are blowing in the wind.

Sheikh of Youth

Sheikh of Youth by Saif Hussain
Saif Hussain/iPhone X

The photograph was taken by Saif Hussain who’s from Iraq living in Istanbul. A graduate from the Fine Arts won third place for Photography of the Year. He captured “ an old man ” caught between his reflections. The image was taken on iPhoneX.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy by Ekaterina Varzar
Ekaterina Varzar/iPhone X

The Cotton Candy image won first place in the children’s class by Ekaterina Varzar from Russia. Working as a photographer, she captured a girl sitting on a bench having cotton sweets on her head. The photograph was shot on iPhoneX.

Free from the Past

Free from the Past by Kristian Cruz
Kristian Cruz/iPhone X

Kristian Cruz has won first place in the journey class “ Free from history ”. He’s an iPhone X photographer from the Philippines. It’s an image with birds, a sunsetboat, and the stream indicates moving on in life.

Beach Chair

Beach Chair by Daniielle Moir
Daniielle Moir/iPhone 6

The “ Beach Chair ” photograph was taken by Danielle Moir on iPhone 6 won first place in the “ Other ” class. Beautiful weather, a sand chair, and a hanging shirt make it a perfect snap.

Nature’s Photography

Lis Li captured an image of a waterfall from the iPhone 7 Plus won first place in the Nature class. A excursionist and an architect won the award for his anonymous nature’s photography.

Culture Fusion

Culture Fusion by Audrey Blake
Audrey Blake/iPhone X

Shot on iPhone X, Audrey Blake, a fulltime photographer from the United States won first place in the Lifestyle class. A combination photo shows a buckaroo on a beachfront.

Architecture- Duomo di Milano

Architecture- Duomo di Milano by Haiyin Lin
Haiyin Lin/iPhone X

The stunning photograph was shot by Haiyin Lin from China on iPhone X. He won first place in the Architecture class.

Abstract Category

Tu Ondu in Abstract Category
Tu Ondu/iPhone 7Plus

Tu Ondu won the first prize in the Abstract class. The fantastic photograph was shot on iPhone 7Plus.

Apart from the above, several others made to iPhone Photography Awards 2020 winner’s list with their amazing photos in different orders, all with their many models of iPhone starting from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone Photography Awards are no where part of Apple’s ‘ Shot On iPhone ’ programstill Apple also frequently holds a ‘ Shot on iPhone ’ competition each time.

The iPhone Photography Award winners list can be found here.

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