Influence of Michael Jackson on Bollywood

Michael Jackson

On the death of Michael Jackson, the whole world has been astonished and speechless including Bollywood. Michael Jackson was the first emperor of Pop and an excellent dancer. He is the one who became the inspirations of various actors, dancers and musicians all over the world, as well as Bollywood. He became a trademark for various kinds of new fashion, a hallmark for the youth generation. His classy and amazing dance steps make the whole world crazy including Bollywood.

  • People such as Mithun Chakraborty & Govinda were huge fans of Michael Jackson and were famous for the dance oriented films which resembles the moves of numerous MJ’s videos. Many Bollywood actors have received tremendous popularity due to the famous steps and moves of Michael Jackson which played an important role in the career graph of those actors.
  • A tremendous welcome ceremony was made for Michael Jackson, when he came at Mumbai in India in 1996 for performing a live show. The people from all over the India came to watch the MJ’s show.
  • The incredible comedian, Johnny Lever was inspired by MJ to generate various parodies on him. Actually his top act is taken from one of the MJ’s album named History.
  • The world famous video ‘Thriller’ has became inspiration of some horror scenes of both Bollywood and Hollywood. Thriller won many awards and was one of the popular music video till now and it remained on the top of pop chart for many weeks and created history.
  • Many Indian songs and videos are taken from the renowned song ‘They don’t Really Care about us’, such as ‘Maro Maro’ video of Film Boys, music of A. R. Rahman, was taken from this video.
  • The song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ became an ideal ‘tarpori’ song in various South Indian films and Bollywood films.
  • The famous actor cum dancer Hrithik Roshan was the very last Bollywood actor who met Michael Jackson for the last time. During the shooting of Kites, he met MJ in US. Though Hrithik Roshan was fascinated by the appearance of Michael Jackson, till Hrithik Roshan felt that MJ is not fit and the condition of his health was detouring.

Thus from the above statements it can be concluded that Michael Jackson has left a huge impression on various aspects of Bollywood. Bollywood can never forget such a musical genius cum great dancer.

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