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Are you aware about COVID-19 Tracker App in your smartphone?

COVID-19 Tracker App

We noticed from the past few days, most of the social media platforms are bombarded with doubts and complaints from users that Google and Apple secretly installed COVID-19 tracking app into their smartphones without permission. For curiosity, I checked in my Android phone Google Settings where I surprisingly found “COVID-19 exposure notifications.”

COVID-19 Tracking

What is “COVID-19 Exposure Notification” or “COVID-19 Tracker App”?

Recently Apple rolled out the feature as part of its iOS 13.5 FTA update for the iPhone users. You can check this in your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Health under COVID-19 Exposure Logging. They have mentioned that an authorized app is required to turn the feature on. You can check the more details on Apple’s website here.

Covid-19 Tracker iOS Update

Similarly, Google also rolled out this feature as part of an update to the Google app pushed via the Google Play Store. For Android, go Settings > Google and click on COVID-19 exposure notifications. You check the further details on Google’s Android Help Center page here.

Covid-19 Tracker Android Update

The conclusion of the article is no one has installed anything in your device, and no one is tracking you using this feature.

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