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What to Expect in India’s Lockdown 2.0 Plan?

what is lockdown 2.0

As we near the 3-week lockdown deadline tomorrow and as the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, people are asking India me lockdown kab tak rahega?

Lockdown 2 is likely to have a relaxation

Most Chief Ministers have hinted that the lockdown is likely to be extended. States like Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, and Karnataka have already announced the extension of the lockdown till April 30, 2020. However, lockdown 2.0 may not be the same as the first phase of lockdown. Some relaxation from 20th April only in areas where lockdown rules are followed strictly & no increase in COVID-19 cases

Jaan Bhi, Jahaan Bhi

PM Narendra Modi had hinted at the video conference with the Chief Ministers that the government will be opening up the lockdown in a phased manner, though the lockdown will likely remain in force for another 2 weeks.

PM Modi Video Conference with Chief Ministers
Image Courtesy: DD News

As against the previous mantra of “Jaan hai to Jahaan Hai”, the new mantra is “Jaan Bhi, Jahaan bhi”.

Coronavirus Colour Zones Namely Red, Orange and Green

While the exact blueprint of the exit strategy for the COVID-19 lockdown would be issued throughout the next couple of days, it is quite likely that businesses and markets may resume working, particularly in the districts that have reported no COVID-19 cases so far. Based on the gravity of the corona cases, the areas would be bifurcated into 3 zones, red, orange and green, with red being the highest impacted zones and green being the zone with zero corona cases. Any area with 6 cases or more will have rigid restrictions in place.

State Wise Color Zones

Suggestions are being made to follow the Kerela Model, which has successfully bent the COVID-19 curve after the initial spike. The opening of the economy will be with several restrictions including compulsory use of masks, social distancing and more.

Some Industries will Resume Operations

While the final decision on lockdown 2.0 will be taken by the Centre under the guidance of the National Executive Committee, which is headed by the Union Home Secretary, broadly it is presumed that 15 industries and street vendors will likely resume functioning. This is an initiative to give a jump start to the stalled economy. The operations would begin with minimum manpower in a single shift and social distancing norms in place.

Manufacturing Industry

The suggested industries will likely include Food and beverages, plastic manufacturing factories, seed processing mills, automotive plants, gems and jewellery, steel, ferrous alloy mills, defence and ancillary units, telecom equipment, electrical items, power looms, spinning and ginning mills, compressor and condenser factories and Export Oriented Units and all businesses under the Special Economic Zones as per a report by the IANS.

While the interstate and intrastate trucks, cargo and workers and cold storage and warehouses are set to resume, government employees in the rank of Joint Secretaries and higher have been asked to join duty from April 13, 2020.

PM Modi’s address to the nation on COVID-19 Lockdown Extension till 3rd May 2020

PM Modi’s Appeal for 7 Rules (सात बातों में, आपका साथ)

  1. All citizens are asked to take extra care of elderly people in this crisis situation.
  2. Face masks are mandatory if you are stepping out of your home.
  3. The Ministry of AYUSH has been providing several tips to remain healthy during the lockdown period. All must follow those tips and build a strong immunity system.
  4. PM Modi encouraged all the citizens to download and use Aarogya Setu mobile app.
  5. Help the poor and especially those who are in need.
  6. Employers are asked to not fire people from their jobs during the lockdown.
  7. Respect the contributions of doctors, healthcare workers, police and essential service providers.

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Swapnil Divekar April 14, 2020 at 9:35 am

Good insights to Lockdown 2.0. Gives a much clearer picture than what’s been reported in other social media. This uncertainty looming over us as to when will industries open up finally and what will be the aftermath effects of this economic slowdown is making everyone more anxious And scared than actually getting infected by the virus. All we can do is pray to the almighty and stay positive in this times of extreme turmoil and pandemic and hope the virus is eliminated soon, the economy recovers at a good pace and everything returns to normal without industries being shut and people keeping their jobs.

Parul jatakia April 14, 2020 at 10:50 am

In this current pandamic, people need to show patience and support the government , because panic doesn’t bring us anywhere ,respond effectively and deal with the situation sensibly people should calm down and take responsibility for what they can do the best . .I bet corona is going to change world permanently

Parul Jatakia April 14, 2020 at 11:28 am

Covid-19 has affected exceptionally high proportion of the population world wide..but Let’s be optimistic in this pandemic situation. It is the time to show patience and support the government, because panic doesn’t bring us anywhere,respond effectively and deal with the situation sensibly.people should calm down and take responsibility for what they can do the best .I bet corona is going to change the world permanently

Amit Sawe April 14, 2020 at 1:46 pm

Interesting insight !!!

As our honourable PM addressed this morning, the lockdown has been extended upto 03/05/2020.

It needs to be understood that while the pathogen cannot be given a free run, the already downward spiralling economy cannot be closed beyond a point (essential commodities/services and their supply chains exempted).

With relatively weaker infrastructure and denser populace with respect to developed nations, we need to strictly adhere to the only non-medical measure of social distancing.

As citizens, we need to ensure that the efforts of medical and police fraternity do not go down the drain.

We suffered yet survived earlier.

This too will go.


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