Category: Sindhi Recipes

Sindhi food consists of the richness and aromas of spices and ghee and exotic masalas. Sindhi food is high on calories and fats, they are a health conscious lot like most. Sindhi’s are equally fond of sweets their favourite gulab jamoons (refer sweets category).

Dilpis – Sindhi Sweet

Sindhi Swaad
Dilpis - Sindhi Sweet is a very simple, easy and delicious Sindhi sweet dish- which melts in your mouth. It can be made in a...

Mini Soya Chunks Pulao

This Mini Soya Chunks Pulao Recipe is easy to cook and has a great taste neutrality. Soya bean needs no introduction as it comes with...

Sindhi Koki

Meher Lulia
Sindhi Koki is a traditional Sindhi breakfast. Sindhi Koki is made of whole wheat flatbread flavoured with onions, coriander leaves and spices. It is savoury...